Flower folk

About learning to see the magic of nature, and reminding us that we are also part of nature, we too can create beauty and miracles

The energy of spring

The inspiration for this collection is actually not even born yet, she is still growing rapidly and consistently in my belly along with the first little shoots of spring flowers I see peaking up from the dark ground outside.

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Growth, joy, femininity, and beauty

The Flower Folk collection was painted in the beginning of my second trimester of my first pregnancy. I wanted to create something to commemorate this feeling of growth, joy, femininity, and beauty.

The flowers I’ve painted in this collection are some of my favourite flowers, and I’m looking forward to seeing them in bloom by the time my own little seed also is ready to delight me with her presence.

These paintings will look great in the home of any flower and nature lover, who wants a constant reminder of nature’s magic and beauty. The paintings are also made to fit beautifully in a nursery to bring some whimsy and delight for the child, and to remind the parents that they are a part of nature, and they too can create beauty and miracles.

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Inspiration for expecting parents

Several of the flowers painted in this collection and the titles of those paintings would also make great baby names, if you are looking for some inspiration. Here I’m thinking about Iris, Poppy, Daisy, and Lily.

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The process

The paintings in this collection are all painted on wooden boards coated with a thick layer of crushed pumice rocks, to create a very unique texture - pumice is a kind of volcanic rock, that is created in eruptions - and a final layer of oil paint is gently painted on top of the pumice in neutral tones and simplistic imagery.

This collection consists of 14 original oil paintings.

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