I see you

We are stronger together

Collaboration is key. We all play an important part in our ecosystem

This collection is for the gentle souls, who know how important it is to use our voices and speak up when we see injustice being done to other people or beings even if they are small or far away. We can all learn from each other, we all deserve a place in this world, and we are all important to protect.

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The collection, I see you, was created in communion with nature

I gathered inspiration for this collection in a cacao ceremony. This is the message I got from the cacao spirit.

We have to appreciate each other more. We have to appreciate people and beings who are different from us, as well as those who are smaller or have less power than us. Each of us have a unique power and ability to influence those around us, and it’s important to recognise this ability as a responsibility to help those who has less power, or who’s voice is being disregarded.

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I see you

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