Daughters of the sun

About learning to notice and appreciate all of the wonder around us, and never forgetting to show our gratitude for the things that mean something to us.

The things we take for granted

This collection is inspired by all the little things, which in reality aren't small at all, that we tend to take for granted all the time. It's so easy to go about our days and never stop to appreciate all the wonder around us. It's not until it's taken away from us that we actually notice how important it is.

Recently I had this revelation about the sun. The sun is always just there, it comes up in the morning, and goes down in the evening, and I never thought much about how it was affecting me, my mood, my health, and basically all life on the planet.

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Your collection tells a story that resonates deeply with my heart, it's a reminder of my own strength and resilience.

Gizem Özcan

Your new collection is so cool, it feels feminine, ancient, and modern at the same time.

Jordana Moon

Seeing the light

It wasn't until I got a concussion, that forced me into darkness and isolation for months and months, that I really noticed the effect the sun had on me.

Every time I tried to pull up the curtains to get a little light, I got a terrible headache. I got kind of grumpy during these months, and I really missed feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, or smelling the many flowers outside, which had recently been pulled up from the dark earth by the sun.

The following summer I made sure to smell as many flowers as I possibly could, I went for long walks in nature every day, and for the first time ever I really stopped to appreciate the warm feeling of the sun on my skin. I let myself be entranced by the way the reflections of the sun was dancing on the surface of the sea, and I even got emotional the first time I saw a sunset at the harbor since the concussion.

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So I hope these artworks also will instil an admiration and appreciation for the sun in you, maybe even for the first time, and inspire you to find the things you have taken for granted and remember to never do that again.

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The process

The paintings in this collection are all painted on wooden boards coated with a thick layer of crushed pumice rocks, to create a very unique texture - pumice is a kind of volcanic rock, that is created in eruptions - and a final layer of oil paint is gently painted on top of the pumice in neutral tones and simplistic imagery.

This collection also consists of one hand-embroidered wall hanging and an original linocut print in addition to the 28 paintings.

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