Grounding and Connection

About surrendering to the unknown and coming back to yourself.

A new look

People, who are familiar with my earlier paintings, will notice a significant shift in the style and aesthetics of this new collection. The shift was born out of a desire to personalise my art and process, and essentially say more with less.

I made the very first sketch , that would introduce this entire new aesthetics, back in January 2022, and later in May of that same year I was so grateful for this new style I had to explore, since I got a terrible concussion, that prevented me from painting the way I used to before.

The paintings in this collection are all painted on wooden boards coated with a thick layer of crushed pumice rocks, to create a very unique texture - pumice is a kind of volcanic rock, that is created in eruptions - and a final layer of oil paint is gently painted on top of the pumice in neutral tones and simplistic imagery.

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Grounding and Connection

Because the paintings in this collection was created in this unique time of isolation and surrendering for me, where almost all I had to explore was my own inner worlds and nearby surroundings, these are probably the most authentic and personal paintings I have made to date.

As what is often the case for me, what I was craving the most, was also what showed up in my paintings, and in the case of this collection, it was the feelings of grounding and connection, I needed to manifest through my art.

For months I couldn't go outside, and all of my attention was in my head, so in my paintings a grounding energy showed up in the textures, the colours, and the imagery.

If you look close you will see that these paintings are all highly textured to represent the earth and the rocks, the colours are all very natural, and most of the paintings depict scenes or elements from the natural world.

For a long time I couldn't see or connect with other people, so instead I found connection though the plants in my home and in my teas. This manifested in the animated depiction of the natural world in several of the paintings.

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This whole year of slowly working on this collection alongside trying to heal from a concussion, has been a practice of surrendering - surrendering to simplicity, and essentially letting go of expectations.

Some journeys we choose, and others are forced upon us, but that doesn't mean that one is more profound or important than the other. In this past year I have learned to see everthing as an opportunity. Leaning to let go of your expectations and surrender to the unknown is a very hard lesson, but we are not made to control the world, we are just made to live in it.

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