The fire remains

Connect with the sacred element of fire

This painting is created with immense willpower in a very dark time.

It is made for that gentle soul, who needs to connect with the sacred of fire, their inner light, their passion, and their persistence.

May this painting bring you the hope, strength, and creativity you need in this very moment.

The original is sold out, but you can now get the print version.

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This painting is the only surviving of five

Back in May 2022 I started a grand collection of five paintings, that would be an homage to the natural elements. But just as I began painting, I got a terrible concussion. It was one of the most terrible times of my life.

For days, weeks, and months I had to surround myself with darkness, and just wait for my head to get better. It was very frustating for me to not be able to paint, and in my head I kept pushing the release of the collection further and further.

By December 2022 my head was still not healed, but I was able to paint a little again. Although by then so much time had passed, so much inside of me had changed, and four out of the five paintings were no longer present in my heart.

As I let go of one of the most terrible years of my life, I also let go of the four painting, but the fire still remained, the last painting survived.

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The healing power of art is incredibly strong

Through this piece I painted the power, the light, and the hope I needed in the literally darkest times of my life.

I hope this painting also will bring you the healing, passion, and willpower you need in this very moment, and remind you of the bright and beautiful light shining inside of you.

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