About the artist

I'm Julie Celina

Artist, plant lover, and dirt-worshipper

I’m a multi-creative, who loves to express my love for nature and humanity through art. I'm working from my plant-filled studio on the quaint and beautiful island, Fanø, on the Danish west coast whilst drinking several pots of tea a day. Through my work, I explore the connection between the earth and humans.

My story

When the Covid pandemic and a following long-term concussion forced me to into years of isolation, I realised how important nature and community was for me, now that it had been taken away from me. I started collecting houseplants, it felt healing to me to take care of them, and it taught me to take better care of myself as well. I learned to listen to myself and my own body, and I found healing in the silence, I realised that most of the time my body already knew what it needed, I just had to listen to it. I soon understood that although being outside in the wild nature was amazing, I could still connect to nature from my own home. I saw that nature was all around me, and even inside of me, my breath is the air, my bones are the earth, my blood is the water, and my passion is the fire. As my indoor plant collection grew, so did the number of plants and natural elements in my art. I learned that I could use my art practice to find healing and grounding.

I was soon inspired to dig even deeper

I started learning more about herbalism, botany and ethnobotany, to gain a deeper understanding of the plant kingdom and peoples relationship to it. I did tea meditations and cacao ceremonies, and found that I could commune with the natural world, it felt magical and wonderful. Suddenly the community I thought I had lost was regained. I found my spirituality through the plants, and they have inspired my strongest values and beliefs as well as my art.

We protect what we love

When I started connecting deeper to my own nature, my body, my authentic self, and the natural world around me, my love for both myself and the world grew bigger. This love inspired me to take better care of both myself and nature. In my opinion we protect what we love.

My art is a product of my beliefs and my values

My art practise helps me feel grounded, nurtured, inspired, hopeful and connected, and I hope my paintings will instil the same feelings in you. I hope my art will inspire you to seek inwards, to learn more about yourself, connect deeper and listen to your inner truth, I hope my art will remind you that you are a part of this beautiful, raw, and enchanting natural world, and I hope it will remind you of your own value, as well as the value of our natural world, both are beautiful, both are strong, and both are worth protecting.

The magic of interior design

My mom was the one who inspired my passion for interior design, as she would rearrange the furnitures in our home more than 80 times a year when I was growing up. My mom taught me the power of interior design.

Having a beautiful, inspiring, and calming home will make you a healthier, happier, and overall better person. You need a home that can be your sanctuary where you can recharge, spend time with family and friends, and regain the balance in your hectic life. You can achieve all of this by paying just a little attention to your interior decor.

I love expressing my creativity by using my interior decor to reflect the life I want to have and the person I want to become, and I invite you to do the same. The fastest way to elevate your interior decor in my opinion is through art and plants, so I hope you will follow along on my newsletter and Instagram, where I will dive deeper into this topic.

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